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Islamic Terrorist Detonates Bomb On Plane 5 Minutes After Takeoff

Here’s another strike for the “religion of peace.” This morning, a flight on Somali-owned Daallo Airlines from Somalia to Djibouti in East Africa, suffered a rupture in the cabin five minutes after takeoff.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – an airline that has had a history of terrorist activity and operates in a Muslim hellhole has an explosion in one of its planes – the cause must be obvious, right?

Not according to the liberal media, who are reporting on the reason for the explosion as “unexplained.” Here’s why that’s complete and utter BS.

According to Jalopnik,

A Daallo Airlines flight traveling from Somalia to Djibouti in East Africa landed after an explosion tore a gaping hole in the Airbus A321 jet. Two were reportedly injured, though local eyewitness reports say that a “severely burnt body” was spotted falling from the sky.

Now, I’m not a plane expert, but the fuel usually isn’t on the inside of the plane where the passengers are. Notice the burn marks on the fuselage and add to the fact that eyewitnesses claimed to see severely burnt bodies falling from the sky, and it leads to one thing – a dummy terrorist in a majority Islamic state that wanted to ignite the fuel in the wings and ended up burning himself to a crisp. The fact that the plane didn’t rip apart means that it wasn’t high enough, or that the blast wasn’t large enough to cause a catastrophic failure of the fuselage.

Either way, the plane and all of its passengers survived.

Daallo Airlines has a history of terrorism-related incidents, including one in which man who wasarrested trying board an


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