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Minnesota groups seek money for job training, soccer programs to keep youths from joining jihad

This entire funding initiative and programs such as Building Community Resilience are based on the proposition that poverty and alienation, not Islamic doctrine, cause jihad terrorism, and thus the solution to jihad terrorism is to provide education, job opportunities, and outlets for prospective jihadis’ youthful energy: soccer programs and the like. The entire initiative is founded upon the idea that jihad terror has nothing to do with Islam, and ignores the fact that jihad in Islam is the greatest thing one can do: to fight and die in the cause of Allah is superior to all other endeavors. So they are expecting young Muslims to give up a chance to be a warrior for Allah, a part of what they see as the greatest cause in the world, for a chance to get a job at Walmart and a be part of a soccer team. In other words, these initiatives are predicated on the assumption that human beings have no soul: they ignore the fact that — however wrongly and evilly — jihad gives the jihadis’ lives meaning and situates them in the cosmos. Only something of similar gravitas can serve as a counterweight, not all the trivia these programs are offering.

Also, there are numerous examples of Muslims who were well educated, had a good job, and even a spot on the soccer team roster, who still read the Qur’an and determined that they had a responsibility to wage war against Infidels. The enterprising Australian convert to Islam Jake Belardi even founded an organization called Soccer for Hope, to get soccer balls to disadvantaged kickers in Uganda. He nonetheless turned to jihad. Unless these organizations are going to convince young Muslims that the Qur’an’s numerous exhortations to jihad are not to be followed, they are doomed to failure.


“Minnesota groups seek money to keep youths from extremism,” by Amy Forliti, Associated Press, January 30, 2016:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A community advocate who spends his days helping Somali families and a youth soccer coach who works to keep kids off the street are among the people lining up for a crack at federal and private funds aimed at stopping terror recruiting.

Friday was the deadline for applicants to request roughly $400,000 in money being administered by a nonprofit entity as part


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