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Op-Ed: Let’s ban Ki Moon – please!


His recent statement about the Palestinian incitement against Israel speaks volumes.

Recent months have seen a dramatic upsurge in violence perpetrated against Israelis by Palestinians. Whether it’s stabbings, shootings, or using moving vehicles as weapons, the purpose is always the same: to injure or murder as many Israelis as possible. It makes no difference whether the victims are civilians, pregnant women or even children. Many of these attacks have been carried out by teenage Palestinian youth, urged on by their so-called leaders.

Despite the hundreds of Israelis and tourists who have been injured or killed, there’s been little outcry from that illustrious body of holy deceivers – the infamous UN. They’re mighty quick on the draw to condemn the Middle East’s only real democracy, Israel. They’re so busy in fact focusing on Israel, where Arabs and Jews live in freedom, so that leaves precious little time for any meaningful “pause and reflect” on the ills of any other place on the planet. Especially the Muslim countries where civil rights and women’s rights are trampled on a daily basis. So it’s no wonder that Ban Ki-Moon, the leader of this pack of wolves, has been “under the influence.”

His recent statement about the Palestinian incitement against Israel speaks volumes. Rather than speak boldly (and honestly) that he too was fed up with the Palestinian leadership and their religious figures, and charging them with incitement, he issued a statement that it’s “human nature to react to occupation.”

Ki-Moon might as well be a puppet on a string, for he has obviously become not only a spokesperson for the Palestinians but, in effect and far worse, he is justifying the very worst behaviors in “human nature.” His words are a blanket dismissal and “green light” for Palestinians to carry out murderous attacks upon Israelis because of the so-called “occupation.”

First, it might do Ki-Moon a bit of good to read up on some history. For nearly all of the planet, at least where people tread upon, can be called “occupied land.” There was once a group of people who lived there, maybe even for centuries, and then someone else came along and started living there. Some lands were/are acquired to this very day through war, compromise, people coming en-masse to escape persecution, natural shifts


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