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Police State Germany: Prosecuting Journalists who Try to Accurately Report on the on Muslim ‘Refugee’ Crisis

By Pamela Geller


This video brings to light the fact that Germany is becoming a police state…the asylum industry is going full swing, and when journalist Billy Six tries to interview/visit the asylum home in Freyung, Bavaria, he ends up getting arrested for trespassing. But it is worse than that. He must reappear before court some three times. The taxpayers in Germany are being lied to here, and anyone who tries to do any research on the situation quickly gets shut down, even criminalized. Here the left gets a taste of its own medicine. They will come for everyone — eventually.

And clueless clowns like Mark Zuckerberg, who enjoys all the benefits of a free society, is aiding Merkel’s crackdown on freedom and free speech in service to Islamic supremacism.

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January 31 – 35 min – English Subs – Guilty in the name of asylum-industry

For more Infos whats going on in Germany scroll down..

( “Convicted!” That much was obvious. But judge Klaus Fruth from Bavarian district court in Freyung took five weeks for writing down his judgement reasons … why to sentence Billy Six for “trespass” in trial
no. “1 Cs 36 Js 13100/15”. It´s nine months ago when all of it began: Freyung, a small town of 7,000 inhabitants in the Bavarian Forest. I visit the local asylum camp. It´s promised to have a tour after registration at security desk … but instead police arrives. It´s the
beginning of a political staging.
Three hearings in court do follow – on 10th of September, 26th of November and 16th of December. Six witnesses are examined – only one is useful for charging, namely Michael N. who was guard on duty that day.
Initially he has confirmed defendant´s exposition – changing his statement afterwards “due to pressure of the court” as defending


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