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A Swedish police officer explains why he quits the job…if you thought the muslim ‘refugee’ crisis was bad, you haven’t heard anything yet


Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined leaving the profession that I dreamed of for years. But with a disastrous wage and a job that is no longer meaningful, it is not something that keeps up the motivation, writes police officer David Lindsö, in the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

He started as a rookie in the Malmö police in 2007, and now 9 years later, as a police inspector, he has decided to quit.

The wages are simply too small, he claims, with added responsibilities without being paid for it, but the main reason for his resignation is that he has lost faith in the Swedish judicial system, which he believes is severely and totally broken.

– The single biggest reason why I have had enough, is a totally wrecked legal system. The last three years I have worked as a crime investigator, and unfortunately I have to say that I have probably torn off half my hair during this time. When you repeatedly experiences that cases you have worked on for several months, despite crystal clear evidence, still leads to acquittals, then it’s really hopeless.

– Today, you have to virtually arrest the perpetrator at the crime scene to get a conviction.

– With a disastrous wage and a job that no longer is meaningful, it is no longer something that keeps one motivated. Instead, the job is only a source of irritation and depression and for my part, the limit is reached.

– I would argue that it is a most worrying trend we are seeing. Many have already resigned and more will follow in their footsteps if nothing happens. Based on studies, as many as nine out of ten policemen have thoughts of turning to other professions. The Police has already lost too many skilled


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