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Germany: Muslim PhD candidate arrested for declaring his support for the Islamic State

He says that the Islamic State follows Sharia. He offers specific explanations for why he thinks so. Those who insist that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam should refute him on the specifics, but of course their real objective is deceiving others or deluding themselves, not actually exploring the facts. Note also that Malik Fndy, as a PhD candidate, had plenty of education and job opportunities. He didn’t decide to support the Islamic State because he was alienated. He decided to support the Islamic State because he realized it was Islamic.

“Frankfurt-Based Syrian Activist Dr. Malik Fndy: ‘This Is Why I Support the Islamic State,’” MEMRI, January 7, 2016:

Dr. Malik Fndy, a Syrian from the Dar’a area who lives in Germany, posted a video on the Internet in which he explains his support for the Islamic State (ISIS). In the video, posted on January 7, Dr. Fndy claims that the Islamic State is the only state to implement Islamic law. He criticizes Middle Eastern regimes and sub-state entities, calling them “pigs” and accusing them of collaborating with “the infidels.” He accuses Western media of distorting the image of the Islamic State by not publishing their original and complete videos, where the reasoning behind the stoning of a woman or the burning of Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh, for example, is explained.

Dr. Fndy identifies himself in his social media accounts as a Syrian from Karak, near Dar’a, who moved to Germany to study mathematics at Darmstadt University of Technology. A 2012 Facebook post by the Coordination Committee of the Syrian Activists in Aid and Media in Germany describes Dr. Fndy as “very active in coordinating demonstrations, responsible for collecting donations for Dar’a, and [with] good media activity.”

Dr. Malik Fndy: “The first point that I would like to discuss is the reason for the emergence of the Islamic State, and the second point is why I, a simple Muslim, support the Islamic State and defend it.


“The Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq are being annihilated in a methodological and highly tactical fashion. Basically, it is America, the figurehead of heresy, that is responsible for that, along with its lackeys in the region.


“I would like to tell you why I support the Islamic State.


“About two years ago, when the Islamic State entered Syria, it became relevant to me and to any Syrian. Like everybody else, I began to hear… When videos were published, you would see them beheading people, lashing people, stoning people, killing people in any old way. They are famous for having multiple killing methods. As I was watching these videos, I said to myself: ‘What are they doing?!’ And they shout ‘Allah Akbar’ and say that they are doing it in the name of Islam… And, of course, they also cut off the hands of thieves.


“America and the world’s countries joined forces to fight the Islamic State. Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries, whose rulers, I’m sad to say, are worse than pigs… The rulers of all the Arab countries are worse than pigs, headed by the Saudi Salul clan. They all ganged up against the Islamic State.


“I am not an expert on shari’a who can say whether [ISIS] is right or wrong, but I was convinced that if America turned against a group of Muslims, these Muslims must be in the right.


“Whenever a video was released by the Islamic State, all I would see was shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’ at the beginning, and the beheading of someone. Then more shouts of ‘Allah Akbar,’ and the video was over.


“I began to go on websites of Islamic State supporters, on Facebook, Twitter, regular websites… I began surfing there. I saw the videos and releases, which are posted on the websites watched by all the people. It turned out that they were not the same. The videos on the regular sites are excerpts from the original videos by the Islamic State.


“Take, for example, the video of Jordanian pilot Moaz Al-Kasasbeh, who was burned alive by the Islamic State. If you watch the video


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