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IDF puppy love: Nahal soldiers save puppy and find it a home

IDF soldiers rescue abandoned and starving puppy. After caring for it, the soldiers found it a loving home on nearby kibbutz.

By Raphael Poch


Soldiers from the 931st Nahal Brigade found an abandoned puppy next to their base and saved the dog’s life during the winter.

The soldiers knew they could not take the dog, which they named Toby, to their next assignment and so they began a Facebook campaign to find the dog a warm and loving family that would adopt it.

The puppy was starving and on the verge of freezing to death near an army outpost located in Beit Lid, just outside of Netanya. The puppy began to yelp and cry without pause and the two soldiers on duty gathered that the puppy’s situation was dire and brought it food and a blanket. At the end of their shift they brought the dog with them to their room so that the dog would not freeze to death.

Channel 2’s military news site PZM reported how attached the soldiers became to the dog. “She was a very small puppy, only three months old. Some of us have pets at home, so we were very sensitive to this situation,” said one of the soldiers to a family member.

“Once we saw her we immediately took pity on her,” he added. “We couldn’t leave her outside in the


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