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Never-before-seen video shows a bloodied Colonel Gaddafi begging for his life moments before he is executed by Libyan rebels

  • Footage captured on mobile by a fighter who dragged dictator from drain
  • Shows frenzied scenes as Gaddafi is mobbed by gunmen on truck bonnet
  • He is heard pleading for his life moments before he is summarily executed
  • Rebel said: ‘He deserved it. The people got carried away in the stampede’

Never-before-seen video has emerged of the moment a battered and bleeding Colonel Gaddafi was captured by Libyan rebels.

The shocking footage was captured on the mobile phone of one of the fighters who dragged the dictator alive from a drain in Sirte in 2011.

Similar footage was widely circulated at the time of his death, but this video captures his final moments from a new perspective and clearly shows him pleading for his life.

It shows frenzied scenes as Gaddafi is surrounded by screaming gunmen on the bonnet of a truck minutes before he was summarily executed.



The Libyan leader can be heard begging for his life as one rebel points a handgun at his head which is covered in blood.

The footage was taken by rebel fighter Ayman Almani, who was tracked down by BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse in the Libyan city of Misrata more than four years later.


Almani said: ‘He deserved it. Islam teaches us not to mistreat a prisoner, not to bear a grudge.

‘But the people got carried away in the stampede and no-one could stop them.’

His footage, which he has never made public



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