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Sweden: Islamic State flag and “Pray to Allah or die” painted on wall of school

Back in 2007 I was a speaker at a conference in Berlin sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the German Foreign Ministry. As the day wore on, speaker after speaker talked about the growing problem of jihad terrorism in Europe, although of course all the speakers except me spoke about it only with multiple euphemisms and circumlocutions. At one point someone in the audience asked one of the speakers, who was a German government official, why Europe was importing so many Muslim migrants if they were the cause of so much trouble. He immediately replied that the cultural and economic benefits that the migrants brought to Europe far exceeded any difficulties that they presented. Other speakers hurried to echo his statement.

That was in 2007, and I doubted that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks even then; now it should be clear to everyone that they don’t, but it isn’t.

Some will say, particularly because this graffiti is in


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