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Syrian Immigrants Fear German Nationalists and Want to Return Home


“I want to return to Syria — very afraid here,” he said this week, speaking outside a refugee centre in the small eastern town of Freital, which has gained national notoriety for patriotic protests against non-white immigrants. 

Since arriving a month ago, after a long odyssey, the 27-year-old said he was attacked by a group that piled out of a car and hit him. Speaking with AFP, he showed a letter, written in German and Arabic, in which he withdraws his application for political asylum.

“I come from Syria because I was afraid — but here big afraid,” said Taher, who did not want to give his full name, speaking in halting English.

Germany, struggling with a huge influx of migrants, has been gripped by a spate of anti-foreigners rallies, violence and arson attacks against migrants homes or would-be shelters.

The country now faces a paradox: a generous


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