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The citizens of European cities that have been given the most muslim ‘refugees’ say they have a HUGE drop in standard of living

  • 40% of 83 cities surveyed said foreigners had not been well integrated
  • Highest levels of discontent found in Athens, Malmo, Rome and Istanbul
  • All six Italian cities among lowest ranking when asked if presence of foreigners was positive
  • Opinion has dropped significantly in Istanbul and Sofia in last four years

European cities in countries hardest hit by the migrant crisis say the arrival of foreigners has had a negative impact on their communities, according to a new survey.

A wide-ranging study by the European Commission in 83 cities analysed people’s quality of life by asking them to rate factors from education, housing, happiness and the impact of migration.

When asked whether foreigners have been well integrated, less than half of respondents agreed in 33 cities – around 40 per cent of the places surveyed.

The highest levels of discontent were found in Athens (76%), Greater Athens (75%), Malmo (65%), Roma (64%) and Istanbul (64%).


Since the last survey in 2012, opinion dropped significantly in Turkey’s Istanbul (down 28% to 33%) and Ankara (down 16% to 46%), one of the countries experiencing a huge influx of migrants fleeing conflict in the Middle East.

In Sofia in Bulgaria, which has also received thousands of refugees, this view has fallen 18% to 31 per cent.

This negative view was also reflected in Italy, which like Greece has taken in huge numbers of asylum seekers from across the Mediterranean.

When asked if the presence of foreigners was positive, all six Italian cities were among the lowest ranking.

On this question, people have also become significantly more negative in Istanbul (down 25% to 43%) Ankara (down 20% to 45%) and Sofia (down 17% to 57%) over the last four years.



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