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University President: ‘German Children Need To Learn Arabic’ to Accommodate Muslim ‘Refugees’

By Pamela Geller


There it is. Any rational person looking at the future would have thought the backward, savage Middle East, would, in time, look more modern — more like Western countries. Who would have imagined that Europe would morph into the Middle East. Ghastly.

The president of Kühne Logistics University calls the mandatory Arabic proposal “keeping up with reality.” Actually, it’s hurling backwards to the seventh century. That’s the reality.

“Arabic is a world language,” he said. “We have to stay on pace.” Has the Arab world stayed on pace with the modern world? Ask the women in their cloth coffins (burkas).

Learn Arabic in order “to coexist”: in other words, submit.

German University President Floats Idea Of Mandatory Arabic In Primary Schools, By Daily Caller, February 3, 2016:

A German “education expert” proposed Wednesday that Arabic becomes a mandatory subject in German schools to enable refugees and Germans to coexist.

Thomas Strothotte, president of Kühne Logistics University and a renowned voice in education issues, told Die Zeit that society as a whole would benefit and “keep up” with a new reality from becoming increasingly multicultural. Strothotte has served as president at several German universities and founded two private schools in the city of Magdeburg.

“We would appreciate being a country of immigration and multiple languages,” Strothotte said. “Refugee children need to learn German and German children Arabic.”

Strothotte believes increased understanding of Arabic will have positive effects on Germany culturally, economically and politically.

Strothotte is not the first to call for Arabic classes in the German curriculum. Christian Wiesenhütter, deputy chief executive for



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