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American Nanny Murdered By Muslim ‘Refugee’ Rapist In Austria…She Took Him In And Gave Him Shelter So He Wouldn’t Be Deported

By Pamela Geller


Why would a young American girl take in a Muslim migrant and provide him with shelter to stop him from being deported? Because the European and American media, the left and the political establishment insist that the “refugees” are harmless, and that we should welcome them, and that any concern about them is islamofauxbic. Because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who enjoys the unimaginable riches of living in a free society, agreed to impose Merkel’s sharia-compliant restrictions on free speech and block all migrant stories.

This is the result.

Notice how freely these savages move about Europe. From Austria to Switzerland to Syria,  thanks to the Euro-Med agreement.

Illegal immigrant is arrested over murder of American nanny in Austria after she took him in to stop him being deported – and is revealed to have raped underage girl

Lauren Mann, 25, was found half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her apartment in Austrian capital last month
Autopsy found high-flying student from Grand Junction, Colorado, was suffocated and prosecutors confirmed today she was murdered
Gambian failed asylum-seeker, 24, who Mann had apparently taken in to help him avoid deportation was arrested on Thursday

He is named only as Abdou I. and was found at an asylum center in Bern, Switzerland, suggesting he was trying to claim a right to stay there
Illegal immigrant was already known to police in Germany where he had raped an underage girl, Austrian newspaper reportsBy Flemming Emil Hansen In Vienna, Austria, For, 5 February 2016

An illegal immigrant has been arrested over the murder of an American nanny who had given him shelter at her Vienna apartment.

The 24-year-old Gambian had been wanted by police since the death of Lauren Mann, 25, from Grand Junction, Colorado last month.

He was arrested on Thursday in Bern, Switzerland, at an asylum center there after his mobile phone use was traced.

Lauren Mann (pictured in a Facebook photo) was discovered lying half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her fourth district address on Tuesday 26 January. Her alleged murder has finally been arrested

Police and firefighters had to force open the door to Ms Mann’s apartment inside this building in Vienna after her employers became concerned by her unexplained absence from work

The location of the arrest suggests he was trying to use the immigration system to avoid being returned to his home country.

He was named by prosecutors in Austria only as Abdou I., under a legal convention that the surnames of alleged criminals are not released until they are convicted.

No mugshot was released by authorities in either country.

Austrian newspaper Krone also reported that he was already known to police, having raped an underage girl in Germany.

The case is likely to highlight concerns which are growing in Europe over sex-crime related to the wave of immigrants arriving in the continent – although Abdou I. is from West Africa rather than the Middle East, from where the vast majority are currently arriving.

Austrian authorities will now have to request his extradition from neighboring Switzerland.

Nina Bussek, spokeswoman for the Austrian State Prosecutor, told Daily Mail Online: ‘A suspect has been arrested in Switzerland. We can’t provide any further details at the moment.

‘The arrest is supported by concrete evidence, but I can not say what this evidence consist of, since it is part of an ongoing investigation and cannot be made public.

‘We have handed in a extradition request at a Vienna court. Whether they have made a formal request by the Swiss authorities yet I can’t say, but the


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