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China and Russia Developing Weapons for Use in Rapid War


The United States will be shifting its approach to defense in the coming year, and the new budget will move from a focus on fighting terrorists to one that prepares for war between major powers.

“We will be prepared for a high-end enemy,” said Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in remarks on the budget at the Economic Club of Washington on Feb. 2, according to an official transcript.

Carter said the United States must demonstrate in its budget, plans, capabilities, and actions that if an adversary starts a war, “we have the capability to win.”

“In this context, Russia and China are our most stressing competitors,” Carter said, noting that they have developed—and continue to develop—advanced weapons “that seek to threaten our advantages in specific areas.”

In some cases, he said, “they are developing weapons and ways of wars that seek to achieve their objectives rapidly, before, they hope, we can respond.”

Carter gave his comments ahead of President


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