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Here’s A Story About A Muslim Terrorist Guaranteed To Make You Smile


A Somali Muslim terrorist accidentally detonated his bomb prematurely, blowing him out of a passenger airline. The terrorist’s body smashed onto the ground with force, putting an end to his jihadist-inspired life.

“Investigators believe a passenger who boarded a commercial plane in a wheelchair may have been a suicide bomber responsible for an explosion that tore a hole in the side of the jet as it took off from Somalia’s capital, a Western diplomat briefed on the probe said,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Investigators’ theory is that the man was able to use the wheelchair to bypass rigorous security screening in Mogadishu and then detonated a bomb that ripped a hole in the fuselage but failed to down the plane. The force of the blast ejected the alleged bomber from the cabin and his body fell to earth near the town of Balad, about 20 miles from Mogadishu, where it was recovered by authorities.”

New evidence seems to suggest that the explosion on board the Daallo Airline flight on Tuesday was deliberate. However, the airline’s chief executive has been careful about calling the incident a terror attack.

“It’s not 100% sure,” said Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin. “They’re saying it’s suspicious but it’s not conclusive.”

He noted that the airline is complying with investigators. “Every single passenger is being studied and profiled,” stated Yassin.

If investigators conclusively determine that an attacker breached security, the airline company’s business may suffer dramatically. Although all 74 passengers aboard the flight survived, two people were injured.

Somalia’s deteriorating security situation may be to blame for such a brazen attack. Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab has been gaining ground in the country for the last few years. Somalia’s dysfunctional government and corruption has failed to sprea


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