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ISIS biggest fear…the MAFIA: Jihadis plot all out war but are SCARED of Italian mob

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) have released a terrifying threat warning of impending all-out war in Europe and claim only the Mafia could stop them in their tracks.

New ISIS propganda announced a brutal plan to march through western Europe and take control of Italy – but the jihadis admit they’re not yet ready to take on the infamous gangsters.

A new deranged hate manual, the Black Flags from Rome, has ranked the Mafia as the foe ISIS militants fear the most.

There is no mention of national armies, tanks and troops but instead the Islamic terrorists appear “too scared” to take on the Italian mobsters.

One security official revealed that cells linked to ISIS are too scared to enter areas including Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Campania for fear they will be killed by mobster hitmen.

The Black Flags from Rome book stated: “There is no doubt that if Muslims want to take over Italy, the Islamic State European fighters will have to ally with other militias to fight the Mafia before the conquest of Rome.

“In Italy, the Mafia already has a strong presence.

“They will most likely be the most powerful militia within Italy and take advantage of a weak Italian government.

“Right now they have access to the underworld, they trade drugs and weapons in Europe.”

The book also disclosed details of a plan to march on the Vatican and raise the ISIS flag from the home of the Pope, according


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