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Obama Praises “Morocco Summit” Which Committed to “Charter of Medina” Used To Trick and Murder Jews

Summit Declaration (Allegedly Pro Christian and Jew)Only Applies to Muslim Majority Countries-Not Israel,US, Europe


uring President Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque yesterday (Wednesday February 3, 2016), Obama praised a recent Morocco Muslim leadership summit, again.   President Obama had praised the Morocco summit last week (Jan. 27) at the“Righteous Among Nations” award ceremony.  During both speeches, Obama claimed the Muslim leaders met in Morocco “to protect religious minorities, including Christians and Jews.”  However, in fact, the Morocco summit last week culminated in a “Morocco Declaration” “firmly committed” to the “Charter of Medina.”   The Charter of Medina was a deceptive agreement that Mohammed made 1400 years ago with Medina’s ancient Jewish community to hoodwink the Jewish community into welcoming Mohammed into Medina.  The Charter only gave rights to Jews who “followed” the Muslims, and required Jews to assist the Muslims in their wars.   After establishing himself in Medina, Mohammed turned around and evicted, robbed, enslaved, beheaded and slaughtered Medina’s Jews in a horrible bloodbath.

During his mosque speech yesterday, Obama stated:  “I want every American to remember how Muslim communities are standing up for others, as well.  Because right now, as we speak, there are  . . . Muslims who just met in Morocco to protect religious minorities, including Christians and Jews.  (Applause.)”

Similarly during his “Righteous Among Nations” speech on Jan. 27, Obama stated: “In Morocco, leaders from Muslim-majority countries around the world just held a summit on protecting religious minorities, including Jews and


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