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Vigilantes are taking to the streets of many European cities, and muslim ‘refugees’ are in a panic…many want to return home out of fear

A Finnish vigilante group called “Soldiers of Odin (click here for FB)” have taken to the streets to protect citizens against the invasion of muslim refugees. Last year, a group of men founded Soldiers of Odin, which is named after the Chief Norse God of War and Death, near a border town in Finland which is an entry point for migrants. The group has now branched out into other parts of Finland with about 500 members across the country.


They formed this group because they feel the police are failing in their duties, so they stepped up to the plate to serve as eyes and ears. Finnish police files reveal that cases of sexual harassment has doubled in four months; however, police reports do not include ethnic descriptions of the perpetrators. It is important to note that Finland received about 32,000 new asylum seekers last year. And we all know who these asylum seekers are.

Law enforcement and political leaders do not support the group. Minister


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