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Saudi Arabia will behead and then crucify a kid so that his Shia Imam uncle will stop speaking out against the country

  • Ali al-Nimr was 17 when he was arrested in 2012 following protests in 2011
  • Nephew of outspoken Shia cleric Nimr Baqr al-Nimr – opponent of regime
  • Mother, Umm Bakr, said police wouldn’t release ‘until uncle stops talking’
  • Ali due to be beheaded and corpse displayed on the streets any day now 

The mother of a protester who will be beheaded and crucified in Saudi Arabia claims the regime is punishing him for being the nephew of an outspoken rebel cleric.

Ali al-Nimr was just 17 when he was arrested in 2012 after protests in 2011, and is one of three minors who will be beheaded, then have their corpses publicly displayed in the streets any day now.

His mother, Umm Bakr, had never even heard of the punishment before her son was sentenced two years ago, and claims police ‘tortured him into a confession’.


She told The Times that they tried to use her son, now 21, as ‘a card against his uncle,’ outspoken Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, who was executed last month.

Ali was arrested after taking part in protests against the Sunni regime’s oppression of the Shia minority, a movement led by his firebrand preacher uncle.

Police knocked him off his motorcycle, bundled him into a car and told him he would only be released ‘if your uncle stops talking’, his mother claims.

Five months later, Sheikh al-Nimr was shot by police and arrested on an array of terrorism charges, including inciting violence, but a number of human rights groups claim there is no evidence for this.

Last month, he was executed, along with 46 other prisoners involved in the 2011 protests, which was the biggest mass execution in Saudi Arabia since 1980.

The executions have sparked severe political tensions between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, which regards itself as the true guardian of Islam.


It prompted demonstrators to storm Saudi’s embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran, and tension between the two nations are believed to be at their worst in decades as a result.

Umm Bakr said that at the time her son was sentenced, aged 19, her husband was lobbying the royal council and thought that her son might be released, and she was ‘stunned’ by the sentence.

She says that the last time she visited her son, after his final appeal was refused last month, she cried and said: ‘My son, you watch science fiction movies, why can’t you shrink yourself as small as a toy and I can smuggle you out?’

Ali, now 21, was a high school student when he was arrested for taking part in a pro-democracy rally in the eastern governate of Qatif, where



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