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Washington Post Says Being Nicer To Muslims Will Stop Islamic Terrorism


Apparently, if we smile at Muslims and give them hugs, they would not want to kill us, so says writers Sarah Lyons-Padilla and Michele Gelfand from the Washington Post

The article blames the way Muslims are treated for the level of terrorism we have around the globe.

You can read the entire article at Washington Post, but here are some excerpts:

“Such displays of intolerance can make Muslims feel like they don’t belong in Europe or the United States.”

“Our research, forthcoming in Behavioral Science and Policy, and in partnership with the World Organization for Resource Development and Education, shows that making Muslims feel this way can fuel support for radical movements. In other words, many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it.”
“To decrease the risk of homegrown radicalization, we should work to improve integration of Muslim immigrants, not further isolate them. This means welcoming Syrian refugees, not excluding them. It means redefining what it means to be American or German in a way that is inclusive and doesn’t represent only the majority culture. It means showing interest in and appreciation for other cultural and religious traditions, not fearing them.”
“Our data suggest that policies that pressure immigrants to conform to their adopted culture, like France’s ban on religious symbols in public institutions or the “burqa ban,” are


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