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American liberal hides muslim ‘refugee’ in her apartment to prevent him from being deported…he ends up raping and murdering her

An American liberal living in Vienna was raped and murdered by the African invader she had deliberately hidden in her apartment to prevent him being deported back to Gambia, the Kronen Zeitung newspaper has revealed.


The American student, identified only as Lauren M., was part of an organized group of liberals dedicated to offering accommodation to nonwhite invaders threatened with deportation.

The African, identified as 24-year-old Abdou I., was already on police records after being arrested for a previous sexual offence. At that time, his DNA had been taken, and this provided the crucial clue in the murder of the American student.

The girl, originally from Colorado, had given the nonwhite shelter in her single room apartment located in Vienna’s Wiedner Main Street after he had been advised at the Erdberg “refugee center” that he was going to be deported.

The Kronen Zeitung revealed that the African had first invaded Europe in 2012 via Italy by illegally crossing the Mediterranean Sea. He had made his way to Germany where he had applied for “asylum.”

However, before his application could be heard, the nonwhite criminal was arrested for a number of serious crimes, including thefts, robberies, and sexual offenses. While


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