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Brazilian medics advise women to wear a BURKA to stop the spread of Zika (so who’s going to break the news to these dancers?)

  • Medics have advised women in Brazil to wear a burka in order to stop the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus
  • The advice was unsurprisingly ignored by tens of thousands of people participating the final day of Carnival
  • Last night’s parade in Rio de Janeiro saw the final samba schools perform for 70,000 people inside the Sambadrome

The Carnival festival, famed for its scantily clad performers, bikini costumes and eroticized dance routines, has never been a symbol of modesty.

But Brazilian medics, in a request unsurprisingly ignored during the wild party, have suggested women should start wearing burqas in a bid to prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

Last night marked the finale of the city’s famed samba schools parade, which saw thousands of costumed dancers and extravagant floats make their way through the city’s specially designed Sambadrome stadium.


The annual party, in which participants wear little to cover their body, has coincided this year with fears the virus is spreading rapidly throughout the Americas.

In response, medics in Recife recommended women wear the burka – a symbol of modesty in the most unlikely of places – in a bid to halt the spread of the mosquito-borne disease, O Globo reported.

They also recommended women dress in long sleeved shirts, gloves, long pants and socks amid fears the virus is linked to a waves of children born with deformed heads.

The World Health Organization declared the spread of the virus an international health emergency on February 1, amid fears the virus in pregnant women caused the deformities known as microcephaly.

It comes as the party in Rio de Janeiro reached its finale last night with the final samba schools’ parades through the Sambadrome.

Thousands of women, oblivious to the threat of catching the Zika virus, made their way through the —– before 70,000 dancing spectators.

And surrounded by the jaw-dropping costumes, barely there gold bikinis, and thousands of hip-shaking dancers, the one thing you don’t expect at Rio’s Carnival is a man with a T-shirt emblazoned: ‘Discipline.’

But out of the limelight, the dazzle and the sumptuous floats, the likes of Paulo Roberto are the reason why Carnival has all the efficiency and precision that so much else in this vast, troubled country seems to lack.

In his unglamorous shirt, Roberto, 50, is part of a team in the elite Salgueiro samba school that simply makes sure performers show up on time, and know where to go when they do.

‘We’re here so everyone stays in the right place,’ he said as the school prepared for the samba championship finals Monday night in Rio’s Sambadrome stadium.

The discipline team members are there during the complex stage of setting up, they hustle along with the performers as they parade down the Sambadrome runway, and they’re there at the end to help performers find their way out.



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