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New IDF tech locates terrorists through the fog so we can send them to hell

Utilizing new system, IDF will be able to locate and identify terrorists in fog and haze, providing extra level of protection for soldiers.

By Raphael Poch


The IDF has for years had protocol in place to maintain extra vigilance and forces ready at weak points on all bases during the foggy morning hours, as it has feared that terrorists would use the fog cover to conduct attacks on bases.

Such attacks happened hundreds of times during the IDF’s presence in Lebanon and during the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit in Gaza. However, the IDF has now developed a method of combating this threat, which will allow them to literally see through the fog.

The new technology, which is based on the drone system, is an advanced specified spy package which contains all of the regular equipment that is used in drones, day and night vision cameras, broadcasting systems, GPS, and equipment, but now also includes a specialized option for seeing through fog.

The specialized camera is called “Savir,” and it allows the operator to see and photograph images in high resolution even through fog or cloudy conditions. The Savir can identify people or moving trees or plants from a distance of over two kilometers and can see other images, depending on the need at a distance of up to 20 kilometers.

The Savir system can be operated on land or by sea. The systems are mounted on a rig that is called “Speed LR” which is produced by the Israeli company “Controp,” which specializes in surveillance technology and is based out of Hod Hasharon. Yedioth Aharonot reports that the first systems will be ready for installment beginning next month.

The Savir can get a clear picture during heat waves, which often cause imaging problems, or during fog and


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