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With rape by muslim ‘refugees’ on the rise in Denmark, furious citizens start a citizen police force to protect local women

MIGRANT sex pests have become so alarmingly common in one Danish city that locals have been forced to found a citizen police force to keep their women safe, it emerged today.


Desperate residents in Thisted are patrolling the streets every night in a bid to deter migrants from sexually harassing young women in bars and clubs.

The city has seen an alarming rise in the number of women reporting sexual harassment by migrants since the Government opened a centre to home 365 refugees two months ago.

Worried locals are also set to put on sex awareness courses for the new arrivals, after admitting that a “cultural problem” has left many women feeling unsafe to go out at night.

The alarming development comes after hundreds of women were raped and robbed by a 1,000-strong gang of migrants and refugees in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

It will fuel further debate about the wisdom of Europe’s open door immigration policy, championed by Angela Merkel, with towns and cities across the continent warning that crime including sex assaults has rocketed with the influx of migrants.

In Thisted there have been a series of clashes between migrants and locals in the streets after concerned residents stepped in to stop women from being molested and potentially raped.

Migrants are reportedly roaming the city’s nightlife hotspots after dark and harassing groups of young women, who have told authorities


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