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Eliminating The Parasites That You Almost Certainly Have


Parasites have far surpassed epidemic levels in the United States, with most sources estimating that a massive 85% of Americans have parasitic infections.  Because of this, we recommend a parasite cleanse every six months, care in choosing restaurants, and cleaning up after exposure to animals.

Unfortunately, most conventional doctors are not trained in the treatment of parasites.  It is only when parasites are visually seen that American doctors will suspect them, which requires a horrific case.  There are many symptoms of parasites that people express in daily life, believing that these are completely normal.  While sickness has become normal in the modern lifestyle, it does not have to be.  The amount of damage that can be caused by parasites is virtually limitless, because many are small enough to travel anywhere in the body through the bloodstream.  They exist by robbing the body of nutrients.  Parasites are the root cause of Lupus, with all other symptoms being secondary to the parasitic infection.  Therefore, Lupus cannot be cured without a parasite cleanse.  Of course, Lupus is said to be just another “incurable disease” and an “autoimmune disorder”, according to the conventional doctors.

Identifying The Different Parasites

  • Roundworms – Living in the stomach and intestines, these worms enter through undercooked and contaminated food.  Remember that the manure which is used in farming may be contaminated with worms.  Always wash your hands after dealing with pets, or their feces.
  • Heartworms – It is extremely rare for these to occur in humans.  In the few cases which have been seen, they usually occur as a single worm in the lungs, rather than the heart.  They cannot be spread through from one animal (or human) to another, but must be spread through mosquitoes.
  • Tapeworms – Enter the body through undercooked beef, fish or pork.  They live in the lower intestinal tract.  Use gloves and wash thoroughly after preparing meat for consumption.
  • Pinworms – Living in the intestinal tracts and lungs, these small white worms come out at night to lay eggs around the anus. The eggs hatch and the worms reenter through the anus.  If the human scratches during this time, the eggs lay under the fingernails, spreading to wherever the person touches.  It is believed that they are small and lightweight enough to become airborne, leading people to inhale them.  This is how they can live inside the lungs.  Perhaps smoking does have a benefit, after all.
  • Hookworms and Threadworms – These can be found in contaminated drinking water, or they can enter directly through the feet.  They are tiny in size, and can enter through the soles of the feet, even without any open wounds.  Always wear shoes when walking outside.  These worms


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