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Germany issues “Mein Jihad” video to claim jihad isn’t so bad

We saw this in the U.S. several years ago, with Hamas-linked CAIR’s brutally cynical “My Jihad” ad campaign, featuring a series of Muslims saying that their jihad consisted of things such as taking the kids to school and going to the gym regularly. The simple fact is that the word “jihad” in Arabic means “struggle,” and covers a whole range of struggles large and small, but the primary meaning of “jihad” in Islamic law is warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers. If the woman in the video thinks that her jihad is going to college and studying and being kind to people, that doesn’t negate the fact that other Muslims think that their jihad is killing non-Muslims. The German government should realize that some Muslims seeing jihad in a benign way does absolutely nothing to stop the Muslims who don’t.

The German government should be issuing videos alerting Germans to the meaning of jihad that endangers them, not trying to render its population complacent about a threat to their very lives. What on earth could be compelling it to do that? Why


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