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Man In Texas Forced To Take Down His American Flag Because It’s ‘A Threat To Muslims’


In hindsight the only real threat to Muslims (and the civilized world), are MUSLIMS, or to be more precise “radical Muslim extremists” who have butchered their way through the Middle East.

They are creating chaos all across Europe, however thanks in part to gutless officials who have all but abdicated their responsibilities, choosing instead phony distractions of political correctness, which was responsible in part for the carnage in California, we once again witness another gutless attack on America.

However not by those radical extremists, but rather by of all things a housing association, who is stating publicly that an American citizen cannot fly an American flag, in an American town, because it’s a “threat towards the Muslim community.”

In an interview with KHOU, Duy Tran told reporters that he has friends who have died for this country, and so he decided to hang the flag from his balcony, after moving into his new apartment in Webster, Texas.

Apparently there are guidelines and hanging Old Glory doesn’t meet community standards, however what really set Tran


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