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Putin offers the Jews of Europe refuge in Russia…I guess he forgot we already have a Jewish Homeland

After Putin proposed the Jews of Europe take refuge in Russia, head of the Jewish Autonomy of Tatarstan expresses doubts.

Mikhail Skoblionok, the head of the Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy of Tatarstan, expressed doubts Tuesday that many Jews will accept the Russian president’s invitation to leave Europe and find refuge in Russia.

Writing in the Tatar website Realnoe Vremya, Skoblionok noted that many French Jews have been buying up apartments in Israel for the last five years. “People say that French Jews bought up these apartments and keep them in store. They are afraid that France will become a merely Muslim state and prepared reserve flats.”

“Recently Putin proposed the Jews of Europe to take refuge from pogroms in Russia,” he continued. “Vladimir Putin always knows what to do and say. But a Jew of sound judgement won’t go to Russia.

“I will explain why. Our country is at the height of the economic crisis. There is a huge lead between the rich and the poor that do not exist in many other countries. The rich buy villas, hotels, yachts abroad, while the poor simply have nothing to eat. A revolution may arise here.

“The Jews in the whole world estimate this situation. This is why I don’t think that there will be a crazy flow of Jews from the whole world to Russia.”

And yet, Skoblionok opined, at least in Russia, the attitude of both ordinary citizens and the government


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