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Syrian Opposition head asks Israel for field hospitals

Dr. Al-Labwani set to visit Knesset, presenting map of protected regions and asking Israel to establish field hospitals inside Syria.

By Hezki Ezra, Ari Yashar


Israel has maintained a policy of not taking sides in the internecine Syrian war but rather only providing humanitarian aid, and as part of those efforts on Sunday the Knesset is to host one of the top Syrian Opposition leaders, Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani.

Al-Labwani, named a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has maintained close ties with the US as well as key sources in the Israeli government.

On Sunday he is to meet in the early afternoon with Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara (Likud) in his Knesset office.

Al-Labwani is to present the Israeli government with a map of protected regions within Syria, including the Druze enclave, that are to be clean of Sunni terrorist groups such as Islamic State (ISIS) and Nusra Front, as well as Shi’ite terror groups like Hezbollah.

He is asking Israel to enable the provision of humanitarian goods through the Quneitra border crossing to these areas, and requesting that Israel establish field hospitals in the protected regions inside Syria to deal with the wounded, instead of evacuating them to Israel as has been done.

It remains unclear who would be manning the field hospitals, whether it would be Israel actively operating inside


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