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‘Unique’ Israeli bandage: The more you bleed, the quicker it works

A new Israeli-developed bandage aims to save lives in cases of severe bleedings, where conventional treatment procedures could fail to stop a deadly hemorrhage.

According to Yuval Yaskil, owner and CEO of developers Core Scientific Creations (CSC), the bandage, called WoundClot, not only stops severe bleedings within minutes – without the need to apply pressure on the wound – but also enhances the blood’s natural process of clotting.

Cases of severe, uncontrolled bleedings are the number one cause of death in the battlefield, Yaskil said at his office in the Israeli city of Kfar Saba.

While the traditional protocol for treating such bleedings include applying pressure on a wound to stop it from bleeding and rushing the patient to hospital, Yaskil said that in some cases like stab wounds to the neck or head trauma injuries, pressure does not work.

“These products allow us to treat very severe bleeding in the field, with minimum amount of, I would say, training, with minimum amount of interfering with the regular medical treatment or protocols that are used today,” said Yaskil.

Just stopping the blood from leaving the patient’s body is not enough, Yaskil explained, as it can sometimes take hours before a patient reaches a hospital.

He says that this is why WoundClot was chemically crafted to stop bleeding, enhancing the natural clotting process while maintaining its own stability for 24 hours.

“Our product is unique because it is the only product in the market that is non compressional application for severe bleeding while at the same time being bio absorbable. Because this is a contradiction: Bio-absorbable means you want the product to break down, but with holding severe bleeding means you have to have a very


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