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Warning Signs of Heart Disease Can Be Detected In Your Eyes


If you have noticed raised yellow patches over your upper or lower eyelids, near the inner part of the eye, you might want to consider investigating this further. A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2011, suggested that there is a link between heart disease and the yellow markings, medically known as xanthelasmata or xanthelasma palpebrarum.

The Link Between Xanthelasma and Heart Disease

Xanthelasma occur in both men and women and are more common after the age of 40. Research has established that these yellow plaques are deposits of cholesterol and are linked to higher than average cholesterol levels in about half of the cases. They don’t interfere with the vision and are soft and painless, so many people ignore them. Some choose to remove them for aesthetic purposes and don’t give it much thought, potentially missing an important warning sign. When removed, they often reoccur.

The Scientific Evidence

A Danish based study (the Copenhagen City Heart Study) looked at the correlation between xanthelasmata and heart disease in the general population. The research team, led by professor


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