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Muslim Student Makes Bomb Threat, Maryland Middle School Does Nothing, “I have a bomb in my car, Allahu Akbar!”

By Pamela Geller


A concerned parent from Chesapeake Bay Middle School in Pasadena, Maryland wrote me, deeply troubled by an islamic threat made in her child’s school. An aggressive Muslim student made the following threat to the other children:

“My name is Jafar,
I come from afar,
I have a bomb in my car

Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!”

Despite parental complaints, the school administration did nothing — fearing, of course, any backlash and accusations of islamofauxbia and racism (Islam is not a race). Principal Michael Dunn said the bomb threat “was not something the boy could get suspended for because you can find that phrase all over the internet so he feels like it is a boy just being a boy.” You can find instructions to make homemade bombs all over jihad sites — does that make it OK?

This is not the first time this Muslim student has threatened the children. He brings his cell phone to school and points it at the other children while it makes gun noises. See below for Principal Dunn’s phone policy. And yet he does nothing.

First, please remind your student that while the county permits students to bring cell phones to school, the phones must be off (not on vibrate) and out of sight in a pocket or string bag. If you have an emergency, please do not text or call your student it is very disruptive to class; if you call the front desk, we can have your student come to the office and call you within minutes. If a student has their phone out they will receive one warning to put it away; if they continue to display or use their phone it will be confiscated and the grade level administrator will call you and ask you to come pick it up.

Children are suspended and punished for the most absurd politically incorrect “crimes” like:

— a 6-year-old was suspended for pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun.

—a 10-year-old was suspended over finger gun.

—a 6-year-old boy near Colorado Springs, Colorado



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