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Russian warplanes obliterate more than 1,800 terror targets in Syria as dozens of terror group have their members fleeing for their lives

Russia steps up airstrikes as US proxies pledge to take down Assad

Russia is the uncontested master of Syria’s airspace. In a report posted this week on its website, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that over the last seven days, Russian jets flew 510 combat sorties and hit 1,888 targets in Syria. The previous week’s report claimed 464 sorties that hit a total of 1,354 targets.

As McClatchy notes, “Daily reports from the U.S. military for the same period indicate a much lower level of activity: 16 targets struck in Syria. The reports also said those forces hit 91 targets in Iraq.”

Aleppo is now on the verge of complete government control. According to a Friday report in the Guardian, a rebel leader interviewed inside Aleppo stated bluntly that “the regime is advancing


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