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UK supermarket chain to remove pork and alcohol from many of its stores to appease muslims who are offended by just seeing it on the shelves


Supermarket chain Asda is planning to remove products containing pork and alcohol from its shelves in areas where there is a high Muslim population a spokesman has recently issued.

It comes after an increase pressure from Muslim groups such as The Muslim Council of Britain, and The Islamic Shariah Courts of Britain who have expressed concern that large supermarkets such as Asda do not reflect the 21st century Multi-cultural values and customs of British Society. Mohammed Kahn who is the deputy secretary of Food Standard & Chaplaincy for The Muslim Council of Britain has said “I think that everyone can agree that high street names such as Asda are obliged to take into consideration the needs of the communities in which they operate in. In areas of Birmingham and London where there is a large Muslim demography, their priorities must come first. I don’t think anyone can contest that!”

Last year statistics show there had been a high increase in complaints filed against big supermarket chains for failing to properly mention the use of animal or alcoholic ingredients that are used in many food and medicinal products. Another rising issue is the displaying of alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan and the displaying of Halal meat next to pork which has upset many people who have a Muslim background. All this has led Asda to consider changing its store policies in various areas of the


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