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UNICEF: Not always right to split up Islamic child marriage, it may be best for the child to remain in the marriage when coming to Europe


In some cases it may be best for the child to remain in a marriage after they have come to this country, says UNICEF Norway.

– In circumstances where those who are married are not too young, in a totally voluntary and fairly equal relationship and maybe has a child, it may in some cases be in the child’s best interest that we do not strictly follow the law, says UNICEF Norway’s Merete Agerbak-Jensen, according to VG.

At the same time she emphasizes that marrying a child is completely unacceptable.

At least 60 minors who were married with adults, sought asylum in Norway last year.

– Too many child marriages are in fact forced marriages based on exploitation, says Agerbak-Jensen.

UNICEF told the newspaper that they look seriously at the increase in the number of married minors who arrive in the country and that they fear this is just the beginning.

Save the Children excludes that child marriages


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