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8 Police officers killed in America in 8 days with President Obama SILENT…so Mayland Sheriff sends him a chilling invite that is going viral


Police officers are under attack in Obama’s America by racist Obama supporters.

The facts will back that up.

This administration has seen to it that all criminals have done nothing wrong after being apprehended, while cops are the bad guys for simply doing their jobs in keeping our communities safe.

Recently, eight officers were killed in eight days.

Obama’s response?


Here’s what a Maryland Sheriff has to say about that…

From IJR:

The Fraternal Order of Police renewed a request to the federal government to have crimes against law enforcement officers reclassified as hate crimes. Chuck Canterbury, FOP National President, pointed out that many officers were targeted because of their occupations:

“Officer Thomas W. Cottrell, Jr. of the Danville Police Department in Ohio was shot and killed in an ambush attack by a man who told his ex-girlfriend that he intended to kill a law enforcement officer.

Officer Jason Moszer, of the Fargo Police Department in North Dakota, responded to a domestic disturbance call. A man, armed with multiple long guns, called dispatchers after barricading himself inside of his home and told them that he was going to shoot at officers. He shot and killed Officer Moszer from his barricade.”

The great Irish statesman Edmund Burke wrote, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.’ Too many good men are doing nothing, and saying nothing, in defense of us, the defenders.

As a result, we now have the crisis of this nationwide trend


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