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If You Wash Your Face With Coconut Oil And Baking Soda 3 Times A Week For A Month This Happens To Your Face


Proper treatment of your face is essential for glowing skin. The essential thing that you should do if you want to keep the skin on your face look young is wash it at least two times a day. Another important thing is to pay attention on the face cleansers that you use. There are many products of this type that could be purchased in the local stores but almost all of them contain chemicals that are not good for your face at all. Instead of this it would be better for you to prepare a face cleanser on your own at home.

In the text below we will present you a homemade recipe that is excellent for treatment of the face skin. All the ingredients that it contains are natural and you probably have them in the kitchen right now. Actually it is consisted from only two ingredients: Baking soda and coconut oil and both of


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