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Russia: We Will Ignore Obama And Keep Bombing Rebels




Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confirmed Russia will continue to bomb so-called “moderate” rebels in Syria, despite pleading from President Barack Obama to follow the ceasefire.

Medvedev said in an interview with Time Magazine he sees no reason why rebels running around with automatic weapons near Aleppo should receive any kind of immunity. They should be targeted along with Islamic State militants, he said, especially because it’s almost impossible to distinguish U.S.-designated moderate rebels from more extreme elements.

“So it is very difficult for us to tell the difference between the very moderate ones and the not-so-moderate ones, the good from the bad,” Medvedev said in Munch.

Medvedev’s remarks completely throw into question the seriousness of the Syria peace treaty, which was officially signed Thursday.

 For Medvedev, the strikes will stop when peace comes back to Syria. A lack of clearly stipulated conditions for when airstrikes become unnecessary means the war is likely to continue for a long time. Even Syrian President Bashar Assad, several hours before the peace deal came



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