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Terrifying video records moment Russian helicopter drops deadly barrel bombs just yards away in a Syrian city

  • Undated strike is purported to be an attack on Darya, in south-west Syria
  • The helicopter unloading the bombs could be a Russian Mi-24 attack chopper
  • Footage released after major powers agree to a Syrian ceasefire

A man coolly captures the moment an attack helicopter barrel bombs buildings which explode just metres from where he stands in terrifying footage.

The airstrike is purported to be an attack on the city of Darya in south-west Syria, by the government of Bashar al-Assad or more likely the Russian army supporting his regime.

In what must be a routine occurrence the man, reported to be a Syrian video journalist, calmly films the entire scene following the weapons through the air before they burst on already desolate looking buildings.



At the start of the film the large helicopter can be seen flying overhead, which could possibly be the Russian attack chopper Mi-24.

Then casually one after the other it drops four bombs which chillingly glide towards the ground in the bright sunlight.

Amazingly with nerves of steel the cameraman captures the moment of impact as the weapons explode precariously close to where he stands, bursting into


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