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‘Hezbollah is covertly watching us, waiting for the day of battle’


The Nahal infantry brigade’s Battalion 931 recently spent three months guarding the border with Lebanon, and during that time, its members got a glimpse into how the IDF’s largest conventional military threat is preparing itself for any future clash with Israel.

Lt.-Col. Yehonatan Steinberg, commander of Battalion 931, said his forces did not encounter Hezbollah on the border fence on a daily basis, but that did not mean the Iran-backed terrorist organization, armed with more than 100,000 rockets and missiles, was not there.

His forces knew Hezbollah “was present, in a camouflaged manner, hidden away from the border,” the commander said.

“They study us, they gather intelligence on us, and they prepare for the day the order is given [for battle],” Steinberg told The Jerusalem Post in recent days.

Although the assessments held by Military Intelligence put the chances of Hezbollah initiating a war with Israel in 2016 as being low, a considerable risk remains of an inadvertent conflict breaking out and escalating quickly. This could begin with a Hezbollah response to IDF action, with Hezbollah moving advanced missiles into southern Lebanon.

Tensions soared last month after a reported IAF strike killed Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar, and Hezbollah responded with a border bomb targeting armored bulldozers.

“There were periods of [heightened] tension, when


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