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BOOM: The Ghost Sniper Is BACK, and ISIS Is Terrified After Who He Just Took Out


An unknown sniper is taking out terrorist leaders in a city that’s been under strict control of Shariah-led Muslim operatives in Libya.

The city of Sirte has seen an increasing number of beheadings and crucifixions under the reign of organized terrorist who have driven out or killed Christians while demanding strict Muslim observation.

The “Daesh Hunter” is what locals are calling what is believed to be a lone sniper attacking high-ranking terrorists.

Shariah court offical Hamad Abdel Hady of Sudan, terrorist Abu Mohammed Dernawi, and high ranking Islamic State group commander Abdullah Hamad al-Ansari were all believed to have been killed at the hands of the Daesh Hunter in or around January, and others have been attributed to the same shooter.

Over 3,000 Islamic State group militants are believed to


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