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BREAKING REPORT: Israel strikes Syrian army outposts south of Damascus, monitor says

Pro-Syrian government military sources reportedly deny any armed Israeli strike in Syrian territory.



Three Israeli rockets allegedly hit Syrian army outposts south of Damascus on Wednesday, reported the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict.

Meanwhile, a pro-Syrian government military source denied reports that Israel carried out air strikes inside Syria

The IDF said it does not respond to such foreign reports.

Last week, Syrian media reported that the Israeli Air Force purportedly bombed a Syrian army ballistic missile base, as well as a Hezbollah military base on on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

According to the reports, the alleged strike took place in the town of Qutayfah, located in the eastern region of the Qalamoun Mountains, close to Syria’s border with Lebanon.

However, Hezbollah’s TV channel, al-Manar, denied the reports and claimed that “Israel did not launch attacks against bases of the Syrian army


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