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Catholic church in Israel accuses Israel of responsibility for current ‘Palestinian’ terror attacks against the Jews


The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which represents the Catholic Church in the region, accused Israel on Thursday of responsibility for the recent wave of Palestinian violence, saying Israeli policy has created despair and frustration among Palestinians leading them to carry out acts of terrorism.

The Latin Patriarchate spelled out its position in a statement of the “Commission for Justice and Peace” of its Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, a panel of the leading Catholic clerics in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Cyprus.

It failed however to make any mention of incitement to violence within Palestinian society, on social media, or from PA officials , although the document did say that “Israelis who need security and tranquility.”

Thursday’s statement asserted that the current situation for Palestinians was “inhuman,” and said that settlements; the “siege of Gaza”; the “siege of the rest of Palestine”; military checkpoints; house demolitions; “and the arbitrary behavior of Israeli soldiers humiliating the Palestinians,” have led to the last five months of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security personnel.

The declaration from the Latin Patriarchate also said that the “Judaization” of Jerusalem was also a factor in spurring Palestinian violence.

“It is the siege of Jerusalem and the Judaization of the city, the sending away of its Palestinian inhabitants. It is the all-inclusive accusation of terrorism against all Palestinians and the collective punishment that results from it,” observed the Commission for Justice and Peace.

“Today the situation has become a new intifada in which Palestinians plunge to their death out of despair caused by a life full of frustration, humiliation and insecurity, with no hope at all.”

The Commission’s statement called on Israeli leaders to “enlarge your vision and your hearts,” and to change the current political reality, and said Palestinian leaders should “let Israel and the world hear… a voice of peace and justice for two peoples,” and “Stop every self-interested vision and all corruption.”

Addressing Israeli leaders again, the Commission said “There is enough space in the land for us all. Let all have the same dignity and equality. No occupation and no discrimination. Two peoples living together and loving each other according to the way they choose. They are able to love each other and to make peace together.”

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan said in response that the claims made by the Latin Patriarch regarding the causes of Palestinian violence


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