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Blisters are the biggest enemies of groomed feet. New shoes, sandals and shoes that can be worn without socks are the most common causes for blisters or corns that can ruin your day. In order to protect from the blisters, you should wear appropriate shoes that are not too tight and do not cause friction. Apart from this you should treat the blisters effectively with some natural remedies that contain anti- inflammatory and healing properties.

In order to remove them, you should keep your feet in warm water with mild soap for about 10 minutes. After that, remove the calluses, rubbing gently with a towel or a file for feet. It is strictly forbidden to cut the blisters.

Although many products contain an extract of Aloe Vera, however the living plant is the best remedy. You have to cut one leaf of Aloe Vera, and with its juice grease the blister. It has soothing effect on the skin and the pain will disappear very soon.

The red onion has antibacterial properties. Take half red onion and grease the place where you have blisters. Another solution is to tie up an onion piece, on the blister, with a bandage. Another recipe is to take one onion and to cut it on half. Dip it in apple vinegar and hold it for 3-4 hours.

Another solution for this problem is the garlic. You have to ointment the affected area with garlic 3 or 4 times a day, until the foot heals.

There is an evergreen herb that can help. It is called houseleek (Semperivivum tectorum).This herb is planted as an ornament and contains antibacterial properties. That is why it is effective in healing blisters. You can make an ointment in order to relieve the pain and to alleviate the wounds of the blisters. What you have to do is:

Grind 2 or 3 houseleeks and place them in gauze in order to drain the juice.
Mix it with an equal amount of almond oil, and put it on the blister to act at least few minutes.
Stick a tick and repeat the same procedure for 3 nights.

If there is an infection of the blister, it would be the best to take a barberry (berberis vulgaris). The juice of this herb is put on the blister in a very small amount.

The lemon juice is useful too. Rub the blister with few drops of lemon juice and put a tick, or you can fasten the piece of lemon on the blister. Repeat the procedure


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