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ISIS Begins ‘Mass Evacuation’: Russia Destroys Another 1,593 Targets in Past Week

This makes you wonder what the Pentagon has been spending all that money on that was supposedly being used to ‘fight ISIS’.

Watch a video of this report here:

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov has provided another battle report on the past week of Russia’s anti-terror operations in Syria:

“Warplanes of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic have conducted 444 sorties, hitting 1,593 terrorist targets in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Daraa, Homs, Homs, Latakia and Aleppo from February 10 to February 16,”

Of most interest is the following:

‘He added that militants in Aleppo have carried out a mass evacuation of their families to the north of the province toward the Turkish border.’

It is incredibly encouraging to hear week-on-week reports of jihadists fleeing the battlefield, and, as Aleppo is being liberated, the Syrian army is now beginning an advance on the ISIS HQ in Raqqa.

Turkey is now working on re-establishing its arms smuggling route into Syria under the guise of a ‘secure’ area to try and save the terrorists, and Western media is hyping its anti-Russian propaganda to new levels.

Konashenkov had a message for those working


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