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Kurdish commander: “We have proof” that Turkey backs the Islamic State and other terrorists

This would not be any surprise. For years, Erdogan has been accused of wanting to revive the Ottoman caliphate. He has also hated Assad and warred against the Kurds for years. The Islamic State claims to be the caliphate and wars against Erdogan’s enemies, Assad and the Kurds. He may be calculating that they can finish off his foes and then Turkey can step in and reap the benefits, and take the caliphate for itself.


“‘We have proof’ Turkey backs ISIS & other terrorists – Kurdish commander,” RT, February 17, 2016:

Turkey favors Syrian jihadist groups that emerged from Al-Qaeda, a top Kurdish commander has told Russian media. He claims that Ankara, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been furnishing extremists with weapons and munitions.

The support the terrorist groups have been given by Turkey is confirmed by documentary evidence, Murat Karayılan, co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), told RIA Novosti.

Karayılan has been the acting leader of the PKK, a group considered terrorists by Turkey and the US, since its original leader


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