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MIND BLOWING STUPIDITY: New European report shows that MORE muslim ‘refugees’ will actually DECREASE terorrism

If Hindu and Buddhist and Christian migrants are considered along with Muslim migrants, then there may be some remote plausibility to this. But with Muslim migrants already committing murderous jihad terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino over the last few months and causing strife all over Europe, this study is just another nakedly dishonest attempt to render the public complacent about Muslim migration.

“Experts say more immigration could create a ‘decrease’ in terrorist attacks,” by Priyanka Mogul,International Business Times, February 17, 2016:

Immigration is not believed to be the source of terrorism, according to new research from the University of Warwick. On the contrary, the study found that more migration could create a decrease in terrorist attacks, rather than an increase.

The report, Does Immigration Include Terrorism?, was published in the Journal of Politics and is based on analysis of terrorism in migration flows between 145 countries between 1970 and 2000. It found that migrants bring new skills, knowledge and perspectives to the country they arrive in, which stimulates technological innovation and, in turn, stimulates economic growth.

Vincenzo Bove, associate professor at the University’s politics department, said: “Our findings shouldn’t be surprising. If we subscribe to the belief that economic development is linked to a decrease in extremism then we should expect an increase in migration to have a positive effect.”

Bove and co-author Tobias Bohmelt from the University of Essex measured the average number of terror attacks in a country in a given year and took into consideration the level of migration to identify whether there was a link between the two. They established that countries with the highest level of exposure to the diffusion of terrorism are those with migrants from regions with high terrorism incidents.

While ruling out migration as a direct cause of terrorism, the study indicated that migration could be a driver of terrorism in some circumstances. The report found that there was an increase in terrorism in countries that accepted migrants from places where terrorism was rampant. Countries that


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