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Shocking video shows youngsters lined up on their knees and ‘shot in the head’of ISIS as part of sickening execution game played by Iraqi children jihadis

  • Video shows children on their knees facing a wall and ‘shot’ with a toy gun
  • The ‘game’ is purportedly played by the Iraqi children of ISIS jihadis 
  • First published in 2014 by Iranian news agency Ahul Bayt 
  • Follows other videos of young children forced to behead teddies and fight for real

A shocking video showing young children playing a sick execution game and ‘shot in the head’ by a toy gun as on their knees is just the latest evidence of ISIS abuse and brainwashing of children under their control.

The short film shows four boys lined up on their knees with their hands behind their back and they face a wall before they are ‘shot’ and fall over giggling.

The mock executioner reels off a typical speech made by the real thing accusing the boys of being apostates and ‘pigs’ and says they are being ‘executed by the heroes in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ before he aims the plastic gun and their heads and fires in quick succession.


The video, which was published by Raqqa resistance group RBSS and Iranian news agency Ahul Bayt back in 2014, purports to show Iraqi children of ISIS fighters ‘playing games’.

MailOnline was unable to independently verify the original source of the video.

It is just the latest video showing how ISIS are brainwashing their children into fighting for them and normalising sickening violence.

Last Autumn a toddler was filmed beheading his teddy bear with a large knife in front of the black ISIS flag.



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