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Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Believe’ I Have Ever Lied

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who struggles with perceptions of dishonesty in polls, said Thursday that she doesn’t believe she has ever told a lie and vowed to do her best to be honest going forward.

Jimmy Carter famously pledged to the American people: “I will never lie to you.” Clinton didn’t quite go there when asked during an interview with CBS News if she could give a similar promise.

“You’re asking me to say, ‘Have I ever [lied]?’ I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever will. I am going to do the best I can to level with the American people,” Clinton told anchor Scott Pelley.

Clinton also faced some questions about honesty during MSNBC’s Democratic town hall in Las Vegas Thursday night.

“It is obviously troubling that people have questions about me, which I will do my best to answer,” Clinton said. “So people are really asking, ‘is she in it for herself or is she in it for me?’ I’ve always been somebody who believed and raised in my family and my faith that I, with my blessings, had an



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