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Missing IAF pilot Ron Arad was tortured to death in Lebanon

Lebanese terrorist makes explosive claim during trial, says Arad died in captivity near Beirut in 1988 – just two years after his capture.


Ron Arad, the Israel Air Force navigator who went missing in 1986 after his plane crashed in Lebanon, was tortured to death by his captors just two years later, according to a report in Lebanese media.

Arad’s disappearance has long haunted Israel, as his precise fate was never uncovered. It is known that he ejected from his plane along with pilot Yishai Aviram while flying a mission over south Lebanon, but while Aviram was rescued Arad was taken captive.

Israel believed he was captured by the Shia Islamist Amal movement, and after some time in their captivity was handed over to Iran.

However, according to the Lebanon’s Daily Star, a former member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party – a neo-Nazi Syrian militia – recently told a Lebanese tribunal that his men had captured Arad.

Muafeed Kuntar – who made his claims while on trial over charges he had spied for Israel’s Mossad secret service along with four others – said he was a commander of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party at the time, and that his men informed him in 1988 that they had received a captive.

He told the trial that he was unaware of the identity of the captive at that point, but had ordered his men to clean him up and interrogate him.

It was under their “interrogation” that Arad died, he claimed.

“One day I got a telephone call and they told me that a group of guys were holding someone,” he told a military court in Beirut. He added that the group had attempted to interrogate the man to ascertain his identity but were unsuccessful.

“He knew many languages,” Kunter reportedly said. “When they spoke to him in Hebrew he answered in French, when


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